Roane General Hospital Announces New Roane General Ambulance Service

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Spencer, West Virginia In response to growing community need for reliable emergency medical services, Roane General Hospital announced the formation of Roane General Ambulance Service. The new effort is aimed at addressing the critical community health need of transporting patients in need of more advanced care from Roane General to another healthcare institution. Roane General Ambulance Service will meet the urgent and emergent healthcare needs of patients at Roane General Hospital. 

“Roane General Hospital’s overall plan is to partner with Roane EMS to increase the services available to our community to meet the needs of both the hospital’s patients and citizens of the county as whole,” said Roane General CEO Doug Bentz. 

Though Roane General Ambulance Service will be primarily engaged in transporting patients, the plan includes community-focused collaboration with Roane EMS to provide backup services in the event of high 911 call-volume. Similarly, Roane EMS will provide backup transport services to the hospital’s patients. The collaboration between Roane General and Roane EMS also extends to joint training opportunities for EMS workers and shared staff to support both ambulance services. 

“Delivering emergency services is a challenging job these days. I’m proud of our staff’s hard work to provide great service despite these challenges,” said Roane County EMS President Melissa Gilbert, “The partnership with Roane General Hospital is going to be a boon to our team and a great opportunity to expand and improve services for the people of Roane County.” 

Roane General Ambulance Service will be launched and led by Jack Linville of Ripley in collaboration with Roane General Vice President of Nursing Cassandra Hildreth and Roane General’s Director of Emergency Medicine Joe Cantley. Applications to join Roane General Ambulance Service are currently being accepted for certified EMTs and paramedics. 

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