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Orthopaedic Services

Orthopaedic services are devoted to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the bone, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.  Don’t let muscle or joint pain derail your life.  Seek orthopaedic care by our qualified orthopaedic team at Roane General Hospital.  Treatment may be conservation or surgical in nature.  Pain and symptom relief are key goals for the treatment provided by our orthopaedic team. Our team values improvement in your quality of life and wants to assist you in returning to your previous activities of daily living, mobility, and athletic participation.
Types of Patients Treated

The orthopaedic team treats pediatric to adult patients with acute or chronic bone or muscle injuries and disease.

Available Treatments

Hand and Wrist





What to Expect

During the first visit, the provider and nurse will review your medical history, symptoms, radiologic imagining, and asses the area of complaint. Additional diagnostics may be necessary. Treatment may include pharmacologic management, splinting, casting, surgical repair, weight loss recommendations, joint injections, and joint implantation. Follow-up care may be necessary in addition to aquatic and/or physical therapy.

Click here to search the Roane General Hospital E-Orthopod library of resources to learn more about your orthopaedic issue and see recommended treatments.

Contact Us

Orthopaedic services are available by appointment only. We accept both self-referrals and referrals from your provider. Please call 304.927.6822 with any questions. Providers may utilize the electronic referral form by clicking here. Please submit the referral form to referrals@rghwv.org. The form may also be faxed to 304.927.6259.

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