Long Term Care

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Long-Term Care Facility

The Long-Term Care Facility at Roane General Hospital offers a variety of services which meet both the medical and non-medical needs of those who cannot care for themselves. We place equal emphasis on quality-of-life and quality-of-care for our residents. Our Long-Term Care Facility is designed for residents who need extended hospital care or nursing home care, and the facility’s convenient location allows residents to stay in their community and to continue to interact with family and friends.
The Long-Term Care Facility is staffed by dedicated professionals who work together to create a safe and comfortable environment with a family atmosphere. The treatment team includes the medical director, physician, nurses, dietician, physical therapist, activities director and social worker.
The Long-Term Care Facility offers an activity area with wide-screen televisions, an outdoor patio, and a dining area for residents and their families. Recognizing each resident’s individuality is essential so every consideration is given to their likes and/or dislikes. We tailor activities for the various abilities of our residents and we encourage families to participate in our wide array of scheduled events. Activities include religious events, special music performances, exercise classes, movies, books-on-tape and holiday parties.
To contact our Long-Term Care Facility, please call 304-927-6250.
To contact our social worker, please call 304-927-6287.