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Emergency Department Services

When an unplanned emergency occurs, we are here to help.  The Emergency Department (ED) at Roane General Hospital (RGH) stands ready to treat injuries, illness, and life-threatening emergency conditions 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.    When necessary, we stabilize critically injured or ill patients and transfer them for continued high quality emergency care to facilities that provide specialized medical and trauma services.  The newly renovated and expanded ED has negative pressure rooms that are private along with a behavioral health room and fast track discharge area.

Types of Patients Treated

The most common reasons for care in an ED include chest pain, respiratory distress, occupational injuries, sprains and fractures, drug overdoses, abdominal pain, injuries from motor vehicle accidents and all-terrain vehicles, seizure disorders, cardiac dysrhythmias, lacerations, ocular injuries, psychiatric disorders, and infections. 

Excellence in Care Designation

The Emergency Department strives to provide high quality care for these commonly treated conditions.  The department holds two quality designations and is Joint Commission (JC) accredited.  The ED is designated as a Level IV Trauma Center by the state of West Virginia (WV) Trauma System Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS).  The goal of the WVOEMS Trauma System is to ensure that advanced trauma life support and stabilization occurs based upon evidence and expedited response to optimize the golden hour prior to transfer to a tertiary trauma center.

The Emergency Department is also designated as an Always Ready for Kids (ARK) facility.  The goal of ARK is to create and effective and sustainable method to ensure that children who need treatment for life threatening illnesses or injuries have access to appropriate facilities, equipment, and trained personnel. 

Our Emergency Department Team

Our emergency department team is led by highly qualified physicians.  The multidisciplinary care team also includes specialists, respiratory therapists, laboratory technologists, radiology technologists, and emergency care personnel.  Consultation may occur from cardiology, surgery, orthopaedic, optometry, pulmonology and oncology services while you are being seen in the ED.  The team completes continuing education in compliance with Level IV designation and ARK certification as well as licensure requirements.  Many hold advanced certifications.

What You Can Expect

Emergency care begins the moment you come through the door and are greeted by a Registered Nurse (RN) for initial evaluation.   The nurse provides an assessment known as triage which determines the priority of your illness.  We strive to directly room patients upon arrival for this assessment.  You should expect a timely evaluation by a nurse to prioritize your care needs.  Following this triage process, you are assessed and ordered a treatment plan by the ED physician.  After treatment or upon stabilization, many patients are discharged to home.  It is imperative to follow discharge instructions, to fill prescriptions, and to obtain follow up with your primary care physician (PCP).  The nursing staff may call to verify that your symptoms have not worsened after discharge or to review outstanding diagnostic test results.

Should your injury or disease process require transfer via ambulance, RGH will provide ambulance transportation via the RGH ambulance transport team who also work side by side with providers and ED staff during your stay so that continuity of care continues during transfer.  Transfer may also occur via aeromedical services for serious conditions requiring an expedited higher level of care. 

How To Contact Us

If your symptoms become worse or you have any additional question, feel free to contact our ED at  304-927-6710. For medical emergencies, call 911.