Acute Care

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Acute Care Unit Department Services

When you or a loved one are ill, the Medical Surgical Unit at Roane General Hospital (RGH) is committed to providing quality health care services close to home. The goal of the team is to help a diverse patient population attain an optimal level of health. The 22-bed unit provides acute inpatient care, observation services, swing bed services, respite services, hospice respite, palliative care, postoperative care, and telemetry beds. The entire multidisciplinary team is committed to caring for our patients 24 hours per day and embraces a family centered approach to the care they provide. We do allow for family members to stay with patients when deemed medically necessary. Patients requiring a higher level of care may be transferred via ambulance or aeromedical services.

Types of Patients Treated

The unit provides services to patients with medical illness, injury, disease, or surgical procedures. The patient population in the unit ranges from newborn to geriatric. Commonly treated conditions and diagnoses include Diabetes, COPD and other pulmonary disease, coronary artery disease and chest pain, urinary system disorders, total knee replacement, hip replacements, and spinal procedures. Patients are treated and discharged to home or long-term care while some will require transfer.

An integral service provided to patients is our swing bed program of care. Swing Bed Services is a program designed to provide additional hospital-based care to those needing extra time to heal or strengthen and prepare for discharge. Our top priority for swing beds is to assist patients in recovering their independence and mobility through intensive therapeutic sessions and additional medical treatment with a goal of returning home.

Our Acute Care Team

We utilize the expertise of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, case managers, social workers, respiratory and physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, an activities director, and dietary services. Medical direction occurs per a hospitalist program. The medical team also includes specialists that consult on patients admitted to the facility. Consultations may include cardiology, oncology, optometry, pulmonology, surgery, and orthopaedics. The team meets weekly to goal plan for patient needs and offers family discharge planning meetings. Telestroke consultation is provided in conjunction with neurologists at West Virginia University (WVU).

What You Can Expect

Patients are admitted to the facility based upon hospitalist order. Admission occurs from various points of care throughout the facility including the clinics, emergency department, and long-term care. Swing beds are admitted from within the facility, but referrals are taking from outside agencies to allow patients to return home for recovery. Care is rendered by the multidisciplinary team based upon the provider’s plan of care and orders. You can expect to be informed of your plan of care daily and changes to the care based upon the multidisciplinary team meetings. It is imperative to understand discharge instructions if you are returning home. We will make sure you have discharge education, prescriptions, and follow up orders for testing as well as a follow-up appointment with your primary care provider (PCP). It is important to understand and ask questions about your discharge plan and to keep your follow up appointments. We will survey you upon your experience. Please provide us with your feedback. It is helpful in planning for patient care and those that will follow your time with us.

How to Contact Us

Please feel free to contact the case management department to receive a swing bed referral or to arrange to meet with our multidisciplinary team at 304-927-6735. Visiting hours are from 10 am to 8 pm.